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Each week’s menu comes with either one or two portions of each recipe listed on the menu, a description of each dish, and reheating instructions for the different meals.

  • Full Order: a full order consists of 2 portions of each recipe on the menu. This is perfect for couples that want to share an order or for a single foodie who wants to have enough food for both dinners and lunches for the week. Cost: $125 + tax

  • Half Order: one portion of each recipe on the menu, a perfect solution for someone that wants to have just lunches or just dinners ready for them for the week. Cost: $72 + tax



Our menus change each week and what you see on the menu is the meal set available for that week. Not only does this help us keep our costs incredibly reasonable for you, it allows us to showcase dishes from around the world and take your palate on a global journey.




We offer several variations to our regular menu for those people with allergies or simply a desire to drastically improve their health. The menu remains the same for you, we just make a modified version of it for you to cover your needs. You can combine gluten-free, soy-free, and no-oil options, if you prefer.


  • Gluten Free: we offer a gluten-free version of our menu at no additional cost!

  • Soy Free: we also offer a soy-free version of our service at no additional cost!

  • No-oil Added: this is our most popular option ordered. These are low-fat, no-oil-added meals that follow the guidelines of many vegan physicians. This can be ordered at no extra cost!

  • Special Orders and Customization: if you have particular common foods that you want to avoid, we are happy to accommodate you for a small customization charge. The charge depends on how much we alter the menu for you, so please contact us at 623-680-7468 with your needs. If you would like to order a set of meals entirely different from the listed menu, we can also prepare that for you. The cost for special orders is generally 2 to 3 times the cost of the regular service. Please contact us for a consultation so we can address your needs and work out a price for you, as well.



We appreciate you letting other people know about our service! That means the world to us. As a thank you for referring someone, you get 20% off your next order. We have one of the most successful vegan meal delivery programs in the world and it has all been grown through word of mouth. Thank you for being a part of that.




To place your order, please call Chef Jason Wyrick at 623-680-7468 or email him at


All orders must be in by Friday midnight PST to ensure delivery for the following week’s menu set.


If you would like your meals delivered every week, we can easily set that up for you. Simply let us know that you would like your meals to be on recurring delivery and if you need to suspend delivery, all you need to do is contact us by Friday evening and let us know to suspend your delivery for the following week.


Billing is done through a secure web page set up just for you. Alternatively, recurring billing can be set up for you to save you time and hassle by contacting us at 623-680-7468.


Cancellations must be done by Friday at midnight PST for the following week’s set of meals and must be done by either phone call or email. You are responsible for the full charge after that time. There are no refunds unless there was a problem with your meal.


We ship via FedEx Ground and pack your cooler with enough dry ice to keep your meals chilled for the duration of a standard delivery time. Your dry ice will most likely evaporate during transit, but the sealed cooler will remain refrigerator cold and our specially designed coolers will keep your meals cold for an entire week. However, once we send your meals off, we are not responsible for the state or delivery date of your meals (and to be honest, we have never had a problem with FedEx, but we need to include this anyway). You will need to file a claim with FedEx on your end. If you would like faster shipping and a guaranteed delivery date, we will gladly set that up for you.




By placing an order, you agree to all the terms, conditions, and policies listed on this page.




For Phoenix, AZ customers only

All deliveries are on Monday. You do not need to be home as your meals come in a thick cooler with enough ice packs to withstand an Arizona summer. We deliver for free all across the Phoenix area, including Scottsdale, Surprise, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, and Goodyear. If you live in one of the farther communities surrounding Phoenix, such as Anthem, Gold Canyon, or Buckeye, your meals are shipped to you via FedEx for free if you place a full order or for $20 if you place a half-order. We cannot guarantee a delivery time since our delivery routes change, but meals generally are delivered late morning or early afternoon and come with enough ice packs to withstand the height of summer and keep your meals chilled until midnight.




For our customers outside of Phoenix

Shipping is available across the continental United States via FedEx. FULL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED FREE TO ALL OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. Half-orders can also be shipped at the following rates: to communities within Arizona, shipping is $10. To other states within the Western US, shipping is $20. To states in the Eastern US, shipping is $30. This is our actual cost and includes the fee to FedEx, the box, the cooler, and the ice to keep your meals chilled. We only freeze meals that will not have the texture or taste damaged by doing so. Meals that are more delicate are deeply chilled, but not frozen. Delivery takes anywhere from one day (for AZ residents) to four days (for East Coast residents) and comes with enough dry ice to keep your meals at a safe temperature for the entire journey.




Applies to customers in Phoenix, AZ only

In order to reduce waste, all of our coolers and ice packs are reusable. Our containers are recyclable. We have a rotating set of coolers and ice packs that we switch out with you every week. Leave your cooler and ice packs at the delivery drop off (usually your front door or patio) for us Monday morning so that we can pick them up when we drop off your meals. Unreturned coolers incur a charge of $50 ($35 is returned to you upon receiving the cooler back), and ice packs are $20 ($10 of which is returned to you upon receiving them back).

IMPORTANT: Recycle your containers. Return your cooler and ice packs.